Semper Porro (Ever Forward)

16mm | Toned B+W | Sound | 2012

132 Metres | 12’00”

Semper Porro is a rhythmic composition of abstracted images derived from nature and droning-generative sound derived from the film-material itself. Shot on location in Wellington North County, Ontario, at the Film Farm - the film's title is also the motto for the county, a Latin term meaning always forward or ever forward. Leveraging a range of techniques and processes intrinsic to the medium, the films' main subject becomes a self-reflexive and organic meditation on the object itself, primarily concerned with its own unique material qualities.

This film was commissioned by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers for Witness, a program commemorating the 20th anniversary of the $100 film Festival.


16mm print available through the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre