Kyle Whitehead is a Canadian artist working primarily with small-format film to create experimental and expanded cinema projects. He prefers a careful and considered approach to image making; which should not be confused with best practices, as his work is about embracing the potential of indeterminate process. What he wants is the definitive by chance - leveraging trailing-edge technologies often with unusual or startling effect. His films, performance work and installations have been shown internationally, with recent exhibitions at the Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, Mexico), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico), Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Hawick, Scotland), the Canadian Film Institute’s Café EX (Ottawa, Canada), and TRUCK Contemporary Art (Calgary, Canada). In addition to his art practice Kyle is a former arts administrator, co-founder of Particle + Wave Media Arts Festival, and curates MONOGRAPH, an ongoing series of experimental film programs in Southern Alberta, where he currently resides.